Best Bank Account Bonuses in 2022

Oct 20, 2023

Best Bank Account Bonuses can help you get your hands on easy cash. Banks use the promotion to improve their statements. Account bonuses are the practices banks use to gain new customers. Through these promotions, customers get cash incentives on their deposited money. People have to deposit some amount through direct deposits.

The account should be kept open with money inside for the required time. This process qualifies you for the cash incentive on your deposited money. Through this means you can earn great bonuses. Several banks provide such bonuses. So what are the best bank account bonuses?

Discover Banks

Discover Bank provides this offer for their customers; they can get a $150 to $200 bonus on opening new accounts with them. It is a great offer through which you can get a high bonus. To get this bonus, you need to open a new account with them, and it must be an online savings account.

Direct deposit $15,000 to earn $150 bonus or $25,000 to earn $200 bonus. You will have to deposit the amount with 30 days of opening your account. Once you meet the requirement, the bonus will be awarded after 30 days. Your account should be open when the bonus is credited, or you won't be able to get the bonus. Keep your amount in the account until you receive the bonus. Bank also has the authority to modify or withdraw the offer at any time without informing.

Citi Bank

Citi bank is a well-respected bank, and this bank also provides bonuses to its user on opening a new account. To be part of this bank promotion, you need to follow some guidelines. The bonuses are provided to new customers, so you cannot be a part of this program if you already have an account.

You need to open a new Citi priority checking account in the bank, and you need to have a direct deposit of $50,000 to meet the requirements. The amount should be deposited within 30 days of opening the account. You need to keep the balance for 90 days to qualify, and you will get your bonus on the 90th day of meeting the requirements. The bank provides bonuses from $300 to $1500. You can get your hand on this decent amount if you meet all the requirements. Bank also has all the authority to disqualify a person from the bonus if they want to. A small monthly fee also applies to your deposit in the bank.

Bank of America

Bank of America treats its new customers by providing incentives for opening a new account. You need to meet some requirements to win the account bonus. The bank provides $100 to its new user for opening a new account. You will need to open an America Advantage Safe Balance Banking, Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking, or Bank of America Advantage Plus Banking accounts in the bank. DNL100CIS is the code for the promotion use while enrolling.

Bank Deposit $1000 into your account within the first 90 days of opening your account. You will also have to deposit some amount while opening the account. It ranges from $25 to $ 100. After depositing $1000, you will qualify for the bonus. The offer is for online customers. People with an existing account or manual accounts do not qualify for this offer. Furthermore, the bank has the authority to disqualify you at any time. A small monthly fee is also applicable to all accounts.


Best Bank bonuses can be a way to get easy cash. You can open a new account in any of these banks to be part of such wonderful offers. The banks provide a handsome amount as a bonus to welcome their new customers into the family. The warm welcome cherishes the customers' hearts and provides them with a good sum of cash.

Suppose you want to avail yourself of the offer and get the cash. Just open a new account in any of the banks mentioned above. Meet all their requirements and get yourself the reward. It is a great offer and valid for some time. So, open your accounts now and deposit your amounts.

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